Pole Building with Attic Storage

Building Size: 34’ x 34 ’x 14'
Location: Jane Lew, WV
Job: N/A

This APM customer was looking to modify their pre-existing pole garage to include an attic which they planned to finish as a two bedroom efficiency apartment. We were able to accomplish this request by re-designing the building as a 34’ x 34 ’x 14 pole building with a gambrel attic truss. By using the attic trusses, the room size was 16' wide x 34' long x 8' high ceiling.

We supplied double bubble for under the roof, which helps both as a reflection insulation barrier plus as a condensation barrier. Under the ridge cap there is a product called Profile Vent, which allows the building to breath - a must have for this type of building use.

The garage area is 14' high with 12' high garage doors, so that our customer could store their 11' high camper during poor weather. To make the pole building more aesthetically pleasing, the garage doors were installed with glass on the top section, plus decorative hardware. To finish the building off, our customer wanted to add a matching red cupola which was ordered to maintain continuity.

We think it is safe to say we have another satisfied APM customer as they are quoted, "I sure am proud of the building, I have had many compliments on it!"