Pole Building

Building Size: 24' X 40' X 10'
Job: N/A

Wheeling steel barn red roofing and Pebble beige side walls, wayne Dalton garage doors 9100 9x8 INSULATED Sonoma panel, stockton2 arch glass with decorative hardware for carriage style look, therma tru 9 light entry door, using for sports car storage and storage of a good size Kubota tractor as well as storage space for items for their extremely large family garden, TUFF POST POSTS, Garage doors on eave side of building for ease of entry from a narrow driveway. Plyco cupola that matches roof color and sidewall color. Snowguards that are color matched to roof blend in great as shown in pictures.

This is a picture perfect 3 car garage with all of the trimmings. Wheeling Steel Barn Red Roofing sits atop Pebble Beige walls. Three 9x8 insulated Wayne Dalton arch window Sonoma panel garage doors give the front eave side of this building it’s classic carriage house appeal. A Therma-Tru 9 Light entry doors added to the side of the building for easy entry. The main need for this building was to house a cherished family sports car as well as an almost equally cherished Kubota tractor that is frequently used in their amazingly large and bountiful family garden.

For authenticity you just can’t beat the classic Plyco cupola made to match the roof and siding colors. Matching snowguards were also added for safety from the Pennsylvania snows. Using a matching color helps the snowguards to blend almost seamlessly into the roofline.