Garage Kit

Building Size: 32’ X 40’ X 14’
Location: Nazareth, PA
Job: N/A

This smart thinking customer decided to build his oversized 3-car garage before beginning construction of his new log-cabin home. This would give them a large protected space to store tools and building materials as well as provide then with a functional work area, all of which would definitely come in handy in the coming months.

Passing on standard vinyl or aluminum siding the customer decided on a wood board-n-batten exterior to compliment his soon to be built log home. (The battens had not yet been placed when these pictures were taken). Solid 14ft boards were used to cover the building sides. The shorter boards used to cover the top area of the Gambrel ends are slightly bumped out from the boards below which adds to the visual interest of the building. Wood board-n-batten siding offers great versatility as it can be painted, stained, or left “as is” for an eventual weathered look.

Three oversized 10’ x 12’ garage doors were added to allow for the future storage of large equipment. A standard door was installed on the Gambrel end for ease of entry. The customer decided during construction to add two windows to the Gambrel end also. These windows were placed higher than what would typically be considered standard to strengthen their use as cross ventilation for the building. The roofing shingles used on the garage roof were purchased to match the shingles that will be used on the home, helping to tie the look of the two buildings together.