Pole Building (Standard)

Posts are the foundation
2x4's are nailed horizontally to the posts on exterior
Steel siding is fastened to 2x4 wall girts
Steel siding is run vertically
Truss Carriers are typically 2x10 or 2x12 or LVL's
Truss Carriers are fastened to the posts
Trusses 4' on center
2x4 purlins fastened to the top cord of truss
Steel roofing is fastened to the 2x4 purlins

Notes & Options: With a pole building you do not need a concrete floor. If you choose to pour a concrete floor this is done after the building is up. The treated skirt board that comes with your building acts as a form so that you are ready to pour concrete anytime once you are finished with the building.

Stud Wall Building (Standard)

Concrete wall or slab is the foundation
Plywood is nailed to the exterior of the Stud Wall
Vinyl siding is fastened to the plywood
Vinyl siding is run horizontally
Truss sits on top of the (2x4 or 2x6) stud wall
Trusses 2' on Center
5/8 T&G OSB roof sheeting
Roof Shingles

Notes & Options: Steel Roof - trusses 4' on Center. Steel Siding - 2x4 wall girts.