About Farm Buildings

There is more to farm buildings then the old red wooden barn that is known throughout the world; many styles and sizes are available. Today's working farm requires a wide variety of large and expensive machinery; not the kind of asset you want to leave fully exposed to the elements. The need for farm storage buildings is high leading to the increased popularity of pole building kits (specifically standard style and 3-Sided designs) on farms across the USA. The actual construction method for a farm building is very similar to the classic wooden barn but metal siding and metal roofing requires much less maintenance and upkeep when compared to the old standard. But if you prefer a wooden building, we can customize your quote with wood for siding instead of metal.

Whether you would like to build a farm building on your own or have one constructed for you, APM can assist you! Shop our farm buildings to learn more about our products. If you decide you want a professional builder to provide you with a turn-key building just select fully built when you fill out our online quote form. Or, if you have questions, you can always give us a call at 888-261-2448.

APM Buildings designs all of the posts (Tuff-Post®) and trusses (APM Truss®) that we use with our farm building kits. This enables us to offer first rate, quality materials for our farm sheds and buildings, often at a very competitive price. By cutting out the middle man on these components, many farmers are able to save money or choose extra upgrades and options on the farm building that they desire. Below are 7 building types that are used by our customers as farm buildings: