Attic Storage Truss Options
Any building can be designed with attic trusses.

Attic storage trusses can be substituted for regular trusses on any of our pole building or garage kits. Storage trusses are great for that extra space that is needed for multi purpose or just storage. Many customers will order storage trusses; then finish this area off at a later time when funds permit. Attic truss are becoming very popular these days for extra space at an affordable price. Any building can be designed with attic trusses. Depending on the roof pitch and width of the building, the attic room area can vary. Attic trusses are also referred to as storage trusses. Besides storage, the extra space can be used for offices, play rooms, pool rooms, lounge area, file storage, etc. The two most common buildings that we can incorporate these storage trusses into are theStandard Pole Buildings and theGambrel Barn.