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Stud Wall Garage Kits with Standard Roofs

- Stud Wall garages require a foundation - concrete slab or footers
- Vinyl Siding - Wolverine Encore Dutchlap 4.5 or Double 4
- 25 year Shingle Roof - Owens Corning (other options available)
- Roll ridgevent with matching shingle color
- Standard 2x4" stud walls
- Manufactured Truss Roof byAPM Truss®
- 5/8" T&G OSB Sheeting (for roof)
- Trusses spaced 2' on center
- 7/16" OSB Sheeting (for sidewalls)
- 1' Overhang on eve (includes soffit & fascia)
- All Doors and Windows are insulated
- Layout, Design Drawings and Specifications with order
- Free Tarp (to protect your materials during construction)
- More information about stud wall garage kits- Click Here

One Car Garage Kits

Two Car Garage Kits

Three Car Garage Kits


With our proprietary in house quoting system we can quickly
quote your garage of choice with all of the options!

Submit an online quote here, or call us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm) to discuss your project.

About Stud Wall Garage Kits with Standard Roofs

There are just about as many different options of garage kits as there are people who want them. We can help design a garage to meet all of your needs, whatever they may be. One, two or three car garages with standard roof trusses tend to be the most commonly purchased styles; but you are never limited to just those configurations.We can offer just about any building size with any number of door and window combinations that you can imagine. We can offer garages with overhead doors on each side of the building to allow for easy pull-through access. This is particually popular with people who use thier garage to store a trailered boat. It makes for easy parking of the trailer without ever having to deal with backing up. Feel free to browse through our web site for other style of garages and pole buildings.

About One Car Garage Kits

single car garage
An average size for a one car garage is generally 14' wide x 22' deep. A traditional one-car garage is an attractive addition to your home and yard. Building permits may require more green, ruling out a 2 or 3 car garage. In this case a 1 car garage is the answer. Interesting enough, one car garages are typically not used to park the car, they are used for a workshop, shed or storage area for bicycles and lawn mowers.

About Two Car Garage Kits

different views of a two car garage
Two car garages are the most common building in America. An average two car garage is 24' x 24', but we can customize any garage to your exact needs. Some people will buy a two car garage for one vehicle and use the other side as a workshop or storage area. Cars have gotten larger over the years, so a standard 9x7 garage door may not be large enough, something to consider when planning your garage. Also, check with your insurance carrier as rates may to be lower for those who can house their cars off-street and in garages.

About Three Car Garage Kits

three different views of a three car garage
Three-car garages are becoming more common in all parts of the country, but especially so in places where basements are rare. For most home owners, the appeal of the three-car garage is simple: more storage space. Buyers increasingly prefer 8-foot by 10-foot garage doors compared to the more standard 7' x 9' doors so that they can more readily accommodate SUVs, boats and other large equipment. Three car garages can also be used as a multi-purpose building which could include a boat, car and a work shop, or a large work area plus storage for your lawnmower, bicycles, and yard tools and sports equipment.

You Supply the Labor / We Supply the Package!
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