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Pole Shed Kits and Fully Built Pole Sheds

For permanent pole sheds with lots of building options, choose APM Buildings.
Our customers are individuals who either want to build a pole shed on their own or want to hire a
professional to construct a pole shed for them. We can help with both of these scenarios. Shop below for our pole shed kits, call us at 1-888-261-2488 or fill out our online quote form for help.

Machine Shed Kits  
Machine Shed
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Storage Shed Kits  
Storage Shed
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About Pole Shed Kits

Machine sheds and pole barn sheds are the two building styles that we most associate with the term "shed". But we've been surprised over the years to find out that many of our customers use the term “shed” to describe almost any style of pole building that we offer. For some folks, a shed represents something much smaller, usually preassembled, and definitely more portable than the pole shed packages we supply.

Our pole shed kits are meant to build a permanent machine or storage shed; not necessary a large building but most certain not meant to move from place to place. Machine sheds typically have porches (sometimes called lean-to's) on both eave sides of the buildings. Usually there is an overhead garage door placed on one, if not both, of the gable ends. We usually "dual pitch" the roofs (giving the porch roofs less rise than the building center) on machine shops to allow for ample height in the porch areas.

Our pole barn sheds are basically garages with a lot of extra doors and dividers between each bay. These storage buildings have been built and used for personal storage on an individual's home property as well as being constructed on a much larger scale as commercial storage facilities.

For assistance with our pole shed packages, call us at 1-888-261-2488. The helpful staff at APM Buildings can help you with a quote or building specs.

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