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Garage Kits and Fully Built Garages

Whether you are looking to build your garage or have one constructed for you, we'd be happy to help! We offer a builder locator option to connet you with professional builders that we recommend throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Just select “fully built” when you fill out our quote form or call us at 888-261-2448.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can save money by constructing your own garage building and using one of our kits. Our garage building kits are offered in two different construction styles: Pole Frame (aka Post Frame) and Stud Wall (aka Stud Frame or Stick Built). Learn more below.

Pole Garages:
Garage Kits or Fully Built,Turnkey Garage Options
DIY Garages Fully Built Garage
Fully Built Garage PA Fully Built Garage NJ
Pole Garage
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Stud Wall Garages:
Garage Kits or Fully Built, Turnkey Garage Options
Fully Built Stud Wall Garages NJ Fully Built Stud Wall Garages
Fully Built Stud Wall Garages PA Standard Pole Building 4
Stud Wall Garages
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The Differences Between Pole and Stud Wall Garages


Pole Garage Kits

Stud Wall Garage Kits

Pole Garage Under Construction Stud Wall Garage Under Construction
Poles (posts) are the foundation - Concrete slab or wall
IS NOT necessary for construction
Concrete slab or wall IS necessary and must be laid before the building can be constructed
2x4 Wall Girts are nailed horizontally to the exterior side of the posts for added structural support Plywood is nailed to the exterior side of stud wall for added structural support.
Steel Siding is fastened to the Wall Girts Vinyl Siding is fastened to the plywood
Pole Garage Steel Siding Stud Wall Garage Vinyl Siding
Steel Siding is run vertically Vinyl Siding is run horizontally
Truss carriers are added to support roof trusses Roof trusses sit directly on top of the stud wall frame
Trusses are 4' on center (fewer trusses needed) Trusses are 2' on center
2x4 Purlins are fastened to the trusses 5/8 T&G OSB Roof sheeting covers the trusses
Steel Roofing is fastened to the purlins Roof shingles are applied to cover the roof
Additional work needed if you want to insulate (-) Stud wall is ready to insulate (+)
Additional work needed if you want a finished interior (-) Stud wall is ready for drywall to be hung (+)
Less expensive to build (+) More expensive to build (-)
Less labor intensive to build (+) More labor intensive to build (-)


With our proprietary in house quoting system we can quickly
quote your building of choice with all of the options!

Submit an online quote here, or call us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm) to discuss your project.

Fully Constructed or Build It Yourself
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