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DIY Sheds, Pole Barns, and Garages

With just a small amount of construction know-how and a few tools,
your building project could be your next DIY success story.

About DIY Garage Kits, Shed Kits, and Pole Barn Kits

Many people believe that constructing a pole building is a job best left to construction professionals but DIYers know this isnít the case. APM Buildings provides you with a complete set of detailed plans and the necessary materials to build your own DIY building. Plus we deliver it all right to your construction site. Whether you are looking to build DIY sheds, DIY garages, or DIY pole barns, APM Buildings has options and building colors so you can customize your building. By kitting the materials and delivering them directly to your site, you're free to focus on the DIY construction.

Our DIY garage kits make building a quality garage structure easier. And our DIY shed kits come in a variety of styles. APM Inc. (our parent company) manufactures both the posts (Tuff-Post®) and trusses (APM Truss®) that we use in our DIY kits. This allows us to deliver a kit with top-notch materials often well below the price offered by our competitors. Cost savings, cutting out the middle man, and quality materials; perfect for any DIYer! Below are the building types that are used by our customers to construct DIY pole barns and garages:

DIY pole barn under construction

DIY Pole Building Kits
DIY Building Kit 1 DIY Building Kit 2
DIY Building Kit 3 DIY Building Kit 4
DIY Building Kits
Pricing & More Information

DIY Barn w/ Gambrel Roof Truss Kits
DIY Pole Barn 1 DIY Pole Barn 2
DIY Pole Barn 3 DIY Pole Barn 4
DIY Barn with Gambrell Roof Truss
Pricing & More Information

DIY Pole Garage Kits
DIY Garage 1 DIY Garage 2
DIY Garage 3 DIY Garage 4
DIY Garage Kit
Pricing & More Information

DIY Machine Shed Kits
DIY Machine Shed Kits
Pricing & More Information

DIY Storage Shed Kits
DIY Storage Shed Kits
Pricing & More Information

DIY Horse Barn Kits
DIY Horse Barn Kits
DIY Horse Barn 1 DIY Horse Barn 3 DIY Horse Barn 4
Pricing & More Information

DIY 3 Sided Pole Building Kits
3 Sided DIY Building Kits Left3 Sided DIY Building Kits Right
3 Sided DIY Building 1 3 Sided DIY Building 2 3 Sided DIY Building 3
Pricing & More Information

DIY Arena Kits
DIY Riding Arena Kits
Pricing & More Information

For DIY garage kits, DIY shed kits, or DIY pole barn kits with high-quality materials and plans, choose APM Buildings. If you have questions on our buildings, call us at 1-888-261-2488. Check out our How to Order page for details on what you need to know to place an order with us. Our helpful staff can give you information on the permit phase of planning; and here is some basic info on building codes to keep in mind.
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