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Building Includes / Options

Pole Buildings Stud Wall / Garage
Included with Pole Building - Included with Stud Wall Garage -
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Pole Building Options - Stud Wall Garage Options -
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  Steel Roof and Siding - Endura Metals  
  Details & Accessories  
  Shingles - Owens Corning - Supreme 25 Year  
  Vinyl Siding - Wolverine - Encore  

Reports & Plans

Along with your kit you will also receive a complete set of reports and plans. Please click the links below to see samples of each report.

Pole Building Sample Stud Wall Garage Sample
Pole Layout Garage Floor Plan
Wall Girt Layout: Stud Frame Layout:
Eve 1 Layout Eve 1 Layout
Eve 2 Layout Eve 2 Layout
Gable 1 Layout Gable 1 Layout
Gable 2 Layout Gable 2 Layout
Purlins / Truss / Fascia Layout Truss Layout
Cross Section Detail Cross Section Detail
Overhang Detail Overhang Detail
Wall Section Detail Wall Section Detail
Steel Wall Layout Plywood Layout
Eve 1 Layout Header Detail
Eve 2 Layout Lumber Cut List
Gable 1 Layout Elevation Drawing
Gable 2 Layout Eve 1 Layout
Steel Report Eve 2 Layout
Steel Wall Gable Panel Detail Gable 1 Layout
Steel Wall Sample Panel Detail Gable 2 Layout
Roof Steel Layout
Steel Component
Steel Component Application
Header Details
Lumber Cut List

Pole Building vs. Stud Wall Building
Pole Building - Standard Stud Wall Building - Standard
Posts are the foundation Concrete wall or slab is the foundation
2x4's are nailed horizontally to the posts on exterior Plywood is nailed to the exterior of the Stud Wall
Steel siding is fastened to 2x4 wall girts Vinyl siding is fastened to the plywood
Steel siding is run vertically Vinyl siding is run horizontally
Truss Carriers are typically 2x10 or 2x12 or LVL's Truss sits on top of the (2x4 or 2x6) stud wall
Truss Carriers are fastened to the posts Trusses 2' on Center
Trusses 4' on center 5/8 T&G OSB roof sheeting
2x4 purlins fastened to the top cord of truss Roof Shingles
Steel roofing is fastened to the 2x4 purlins  
Notes / Options: Notes / Options:
With a pole building you do not need a concrete Steel Roof - trusses 4' on Center
floor. If you choose to pour a concrete floor this Steel Siding - 2x4 wall girts
is done after the building is up. The treated  
skirt board that comes with your building acts  
as a form so that you are ready to pour concrete  
anytime once you are finished with the building.  

Our kits include the plans and materials (lumber, roofing, siding, etc.) to construct your pole building or garage. Please refer to the buildings listed on our site for the specific materials included. The kit does not include labor or the concrete for the floors.

Our kits are designed to save you time and money by focusing on your exact needs. Then, by shipping the entire building in 1 - 2 loads, you won't be waiting for products while you or your help is standing around. We provide a tarp at no charge before we leave your premises so that when you are not working on your building the materials are safe from rain and snow.

We use only quality products from trusted brand names such as Owens Corning Roofing, Wolverine Siding, Fabral Steel, National Hardware, Cannonball Hardware, and Simpson Strong-Tie, etc. Our wood trusses are sealed and approved by the truss regulating industry. Out treated posts meet International Building Code (IBC) Section 2308.1 Preservative treated wood; which states that the post must be treated to 0.6 pounds per cubic foot (pcf).

Once you have ordered your building, we will send you color samples to choose from. If you would like to order samples prior to ordering please choose from the following. If you order a building from us, we will credit your sample charges. Please give us a call at 1-888-261-2488.

Endura Metal Roofing & Siding color sample $15.00
Owens Corning Shingle color sample $15.00
Wolverine Siding color sample $15.00
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